DrawCoil 1.0

This program creates helical wheel diagrams for coiled coils of any oligomerization state and orientation. The program is provided as is. Contact gevorg.grigoryan at gmail dot com with bug reports and requests. Logo art by Sona Ayvazyan. Stand-alone script can be downloaded from here.

Primary options:

* Sequence names from the FASTA will be placed in the middle of helical wheels.
** Use '%' to produce an "empty" position (cirle with no letter) and a '#' to skip drawing a position.

Starting heptad position: a b c d e f g

Mixed (for higher-order oligomers)
For each chain after the first one, specify 1 if it is parallel to the first chain or 0 otherwise.
Create a space-separated list (one entry for each chain except the first one):

Additional options:
Color residues interior by type
Color residues letter by type
Draw potential interfacial electrostatic bridges (dimers only)
Draw potential core-to-interface electrostatic bridges (dimers only)
Heptad position phase offset (in degrees):

Advanced settings string:

See here for information on advanced settings.