• TERMstertiary motif (TERM)-based structure mining.

  • MASTER – a fast RMSD-based structure search tool (Method of Accelerated Search for Tertiary Ensemble Representatives).

  • MaDCaT – a distance map-based protein structure search tool (Mapping of Distances for the Categorization of Topology).

  • DrawCoil 1.0 – a web-based program for creating coiled-coil helical wheel diagrams.

  • CCCPCoiled-Coil Crick Parameterization; programs for fitting Crick parameters to coiled-coil structures and generations of ideal structures from parameters.

  • CLEVER 1.0 – Cluster Expansion Version 1.0; a C++ package for the application of the Cluster Expansion (CE) methodology. CE can be used to express any protein property as an analytical function of the amino-acid sequence.

  • MSL – an open source C++ library for analysis, manipulation, modeling and design of macromolecules.

  • ConFind – a tool for identifying mutually influencing pairs of positions in proteins.

  • TERM-ddG – a TERM-based method for computing stability changes in proteins upon mutations.


  • Dynamics Derivatives – a mathematical treatment of Cartesian gradients of internal degrees of freedom (distance, angle, dihedral angle).

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